Spartan Charge Herbicide - 1 Quart


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Spartan Charge Herbicide (1 Quart)

SPARTAN CHARGE is a selective herbicide that provides post-emergent contact and soil residual weed control. SPARTAN CHARGE may be applied as a burndown prior to planting, early pre-plant, or as a pre-emergent application before or after weed emergence for control of susceptible broadleaf weeds. SPARTAN CHARGE is a 3.5 pound per gallon suspoemulsion containing the active ingredients carfentrazone-ethyl and sulfentrazone. Applications of SPARTAN CHARGE must be made before crop seed germination to prevent injury to the emerging crop seedlings. When applications after planting are delayed, injury may occur if seeds are germinating or if they are located near the soil surface. Observe all instructions, crop restrictions, mixing directions, application precautions, replanting directions, rotational crop guidelines and other label information of each product when tank mixing with SPARTAN CHARGE. In addition to general application information, refer to the specific directions of use for a particular crop/use pattern as set forth below.
Quick Facts:
  • Pre-emergent herbicide for sunflowers to control a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds
  • Fast-acting burndown of puffball kochia and other troublesome weeds
  • Tank mix flexibility with pre-emergent grass herbicides or with glyphosate, paraquat and other preplant burndown herbicides
  • Apply as a burndown prior to planting, early preplant or as a pre-emergent up to three days after planting before or after susceptible broadleaf weed emergence when weeds are less than two inches tall. Ideal for no-till and minimum till practices.
  • Special use notes: in some states, applicators must obtain permits from the State Department of Agriculture before using Spartan.