Microthiol Disperss Fungicide - 30 Pounds - OMRI Certified - Replaces Micro Sulf


Price: $49.95

Model: 70506-187
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Microthiol Disperss Fungicide (30 pounds)

OMRI Listed Organic Sulfur

Microthiol Disperss combines sulfur and science to deliver superior protection, Microthiol Disperss is formulated using a patented micronizing process that ensures the delivery of uniform hyper-dispersible granules to your crops. Microthiol Disperss is a dry flowable formulation made of finely ground sulfur particles with an average size of 3 microns. This particle size improves suspendibility in the spray tank to provide more consistent coverage and greater surface contact than other sulfur products. As a result, Microthiol Disperss delivers excellent efficacy against powdery mildew and other targeted diseases and mites.
  • Patented Disperss Technology
  • Dissolves rapidly in water
  • Stays in suspension longer
  • OMRI Certified
  • FRAC Class M2