Confront Herbicide - 1 Gallon (Broadleaf Control for Turf Grasses)


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Confront Turf Herbicide (1 Gallon)

One of the best ways to control broadleaf weeds in established cool-season and warm-season nonresidential turf continues to be Confront Herbicide. A non-phenoxy herbicide, Confront is ideal for high-use areas, including parks, golf courses, commercial grounds and schools, because it provides superior post-emergence control of more than 35 difficult-to-manage species of broadleaf weeds, including clover, dandelion and oxalis. Confront is not labeled for use on residential turf. When applied to healthy, well-established turf, under favorable climatic conditions, Confront can be used with little risk of damaging or discoloring turf. And Confront provides eight to 12 weeks of control of tough broadleaf weeds, so fewer treatments are required.

How Confront Herbicide Works

Confront specialty herbicide works by penetrating the tough outer-leaf coating of emerged weeds before moving through the plant to the roots. Once in the plant system, Confront stimulates it to outgrow its food reserve. Unlike other products that only burn back weeds (allowing them to return in a matter of weeks) Confront knocks down weeds roots and all.

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