Tebuthiuron 80WG Herbicide (25 Pounds) Brush Killer Replaces Spike 80WG


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Tebuthiuron 80WG Herbicide - 25 pounds 

Water Soluble Granules - Spray in water suspension.

Tebuthiuron 80WG Herbicide is a  pre-and post-emergent herbicide that offers long-term control of many tough, invasive woody species, such as oaks, tarbush and creosote bush in noncrop areas, including rangeland, permanent grass pastures, fence rows and clearings for wildlife habitat. Tebuthiuron 80WG is convenient for control of thorny shrubs, such as multiflora rose, and is an excellent option where more precise control is desired, such as in big sagebrush thinning or brush sculpting programs.
  • Water Soluble Granules 
  • Spray in water suspension
  • Tebuthiuron 80 WG will kill trees and shrubs. Carefully read the precautions before using.
  • Works from the roots up to control brush 
  • Premium long lasting control of the toughest brush species 
  • Controls big sage, shinnery and other oaks, tarbush and creosote bush 
  • Ideal for sagebrush thinning and brush sculpting programs 
  • Enhances grazing and wildlife habitat 
  • Use on rangeland, pastures, clearings for wildlife and other non-cropland areas 
  • Apply any time the soil is not frozen or saturated with moisture

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