Cabrio Fungicide - 5 Pounds


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Cabrio EG Fungicide (5 Pounds)

For use in disease control and plant health in the following crops: berries, brassica, bulb vegetables, cherry, cucurbit vegetables, filberts, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, leaves of root and tuber vegetables, pistachio, root vegetables, and strawberries

Cabrio EG fungicide is a water dispersible granule. The active ingredient in Cabrio, pyraclostrobin, is a member of the strobilurin class of chemistry and is derived from a natural antifungal substance. Preventive applications optimize disease control resulting in improved plant health. To maximize disease control, apply Cabrio in a regularly scheduled protective spray program and use in a rotation program with other fungicides.
Because of its high specific activity, Cabrio, has good residual activity against target fungi. 
Cabrio is not for use in greenhouse or transplant production.

Cabrio Fungicide labeled for many fruits and vegetables. See label for details.

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