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Voliam Flexi Insecticide - 16 Ounces


Price: $136.95

Model: 100-1319
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Voliam Flexi Insecticide - 16 Ounces

Voliam Flexi is a foliar-applied insecticide with dual modes of action that controls key lepidopteran insects, and listed sucking and chewing insect pests. Foliar application of Voliam Flexi exhibits excellent translaminar and locally systemic movement into plant tissue as well as accumulation on the leaf surface. Penetration into the leaf tissue forms a reservoir of active ingredient which results in extended residual control. Effective crop protection results from rapid feeding inhibition.
  • Complementary, dual modes of action result in convenient broad spectrum control of key sucking and chewing pests
  • An innovative mode of action for lepidopteran control to assist with resistance management
  • Excellent residual control and longer interval between applications
  • Removes the hassle of tank-mixing: saves time, reduces exposure, reduces chances for mistakes, fewer calculations
  • Easier compliance – one label has all the information needed to meet federal and local regulations
  • Clear, concise MRL information readily available for export markets