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Velpar DF Herbicide - 4 Pounds


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Velpar DF Herbicide - 4 Pounds

Soil-active herbicide controls trees, brush, weeds, and grasses by inhibiting photosynthesis.
Velpar DF Herbicide is a water-dispersible granule that is mixed in water and applied as a spray for weed control in certain crops, and industrial areas. Velpar DF is an effective general herbicide providing both contact and residual control of many annual, biennial and perennial weeds and woody plants. VELPAR DF is noncorrosive to equipment. Care should be exercised when applying Velpar DF near desirable trees or shrubs as they can absorb Velpar DF through roots extending into treated areas.
This product may be applied on agricultural and non agricultural sites that contain areas of temporary surface water caused by collection of water between planting beds, in equipment ruts, or in other depressions created by management activities. It is permissible to treat intermittent drainage, intermittently flooded low lying sites, seasonally dry flood plains and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites when no water is present. It is also permissible to treat marshes, swamps and bogs after water has receded, as well as seasonally dry flood deltas. DO NOT make applications to natural or man-made bodies of water such as lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams and canals.
Factors affecting performance:
  • Use rate
  • Weed spectrum and size at time of application
  • Environmental conditions at and following treatment

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