Triflurex HFP Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons (Trilfluralin 4EC, Treflan)


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Model: 66222-46
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Triflurex HFP (2.5 Gallons) - Same as Trifluralin 4EC or Treflan

Triflurex HFP is a selective herbicide for the pre-emergence control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Triflurex HFP may be applied in liquid sprays of water or liquid fertilizer, or impregnated on dry bulk fertilizer. To reduce loss of herbicidal activity, Triflurex HFP should be soil incorporated within 24 hours after application unless otherwise specified in specific use directions or supplemental labeling. Triflurex HFP may be tank mixed or followed by overlay or post-emergence treatments with other herbicides to improve the spectrum of weeds controlled. Triflurex HFP controls weeds by disrupting growth processes during germination. Triflurex HFP does not control established weeds.

Applied according to directions and under normal growing conditions, Triflurex HFP will not harm the treated crop. Over-application may result in crop injury or rotational crop damage from herbicide carryover. Uneven application or improper incorporation of Triflurex HFP can result in erratic weed control or crop injury. Seedling disease, cold weather, deep planting, excessive moisture, high salt concentration, or drought may weaken crop seedlings and increase the possibility of damage from Triflurex HFP. Under these conditions, delayed crop development or reduced yields may result.