Sovran Fungicide - 1.25 Pounds


Price: $99.95

Model: 7969-154
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Sovran Fungicide (1.25 Pounds)

SOVRAN Fungicide belongs to a new class of fungicides, the strobilurins. Strobilurins are synthetic derivatives of a natural antifungal substance.

SOVRAN Fungicide has a new mode of action and is effective against pathogens resistant to other fungicides.

SOVRAN Fungicide has a protective effect because it inhibits spore germination and a curative-eradicative effect due to the inhibition of mycelial growth and sporulation of the fungus on the leaf surface. Sovran fungicide can therefore be applied in either pre or post-infection situations. However, optimum disease control is achieved when Sovran fungicide is applied in a regularly scheduled protective spray program and is used in rotation program with other fungicides.

SOVRAN Fungicide has good residual activity against the target fungi.