Sonora Herbicide - 1 Gallon (Same AI as Stinger, Reclaim, Transline Herbicide, Clopyralid)


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Sonora Herbicide - 1 Gallon

Manufacturer changed product name to Sonora. You may receive either Clopyralid or Sonora.

Same active ingredient as Stinger, Transline, Reclaim & Garrison

For control of broadleaf weeds and woody brush in non-cropland areas, forest sites, industrial manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way, and wildlife openings including grazed areas on these sites, tree plantations, and rangeland and permanent grass pastures.
Sonora herbicide is recommended for post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds and select woody brush species in non-cropland areas including equipment pathways, industrial manufacturing and storage sites, forest sites, and rights-of-way (such as along roadsides, electrical lines and railroads). Use on these sites may include application to grazed areas as well as establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings, wild parkland and wildlife management areas, and forest spot application adjacent to these sites. Sonora is labeled for control of broadleaf weeds in cottonwood/poplar and eucalyptus tree plantations; and in rangeland and permanent grass pastures in certain western states.
This is the best product we know of to control thistle and give stand reduction the following year!

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