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Sinbar Herbicide - 5 Pounds


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Sinbar Herbicide (5 pound)

Sinbar Herbicide controls nearly 60 broadleaf weeds including several that are tolerant to glyphosate in specialty crops such as mint, blueberries, apples and peaches. Sinbar is registered for use in alfalfa where dormant applications provide a base of weed protection. When applied as recommended, Sinbar delivers effective residual control with a high degree of crop safety.

Sinbar herbicide is a wettable powder to be mixed in water and applied as a spray for selective weed control in certain crops. It is non-volatile, non-flammable, and non-corrosive to equipment.
Sinbar controls susceptible weeds for an extended period of time; the degree of control and duration of effect will vary with the amount of chemical applied, soil texture, rainfall and other conditions. Soils high in clay or organic matter require higher dosages than soils low in clay or organic matter to obtain equivalent herbicide performance. Moisture is required  to activate the chemical; best results occur if rainfall (or sprinkler irrigation) occurs within 2 weeks after application.
Observe all cautions and limitations on labeling of all products used in mixtures.
Injury to or loss of desirable trees or other plants may result from failure to observe the following:
  • DO NOT apply (except as directed for crop use), or drain or flush equipment on or near desirable trees or other plants, or on areas where their roots may extend, or in locations where the chemical may be washed or moved into contact with their roots.
  • DO NOT use on lawns, walks, driveways, tennis courts or similar areas.
  • DO NOT use in home planting of fruits, nuts or other crops nor in apple or peach orchards interplanted with other trees or desirable plants. Prevent drift of dry powder or spray to desirable plants.
  • DO NOT contaminate any body of water .
  • Keep from contact with fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and seeds .
  • Thoroughly clean all traces of Sinbar from application equipment immediately after use. Flush tank, pump, hoses, and boom with several changes of water removing nozzle tips and screens (clean these parts separately).
  • Reduced weed control may occur when fields to be treated with Sinbar have been previously treated with sludge, or other by-products, from sewage or manufacturing facilities that are high in organic matter.

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