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Simazine 90DF Herbicide - 25 Pounds (Same as Princep Cal 90)


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Simazine 90DF (25 Pounds)

Same as Princep Cal 90

You may receive Sim-Trol 90DF, same AI.


For weed control in certain crops and ornamental plantings.

Apply this herbicide before weeds emerge or after removal of weed growth. This product controls a wide variety of annual Broadleaf and Grass weeds when used at selective rates in agricultural crops and ornamental plantings. Where a range of application rates is given, use the low rate on Coarser textured soil and soil lower in organic matter; use the high rate on Finer textured soil and soil higher in organic matter. To avoid spray drift, do not apply under windy conditions. Avoid spray overlap, as crop injury may result. Since this product enters weeds mainly through their roots, moisture is needed to move it into the root zone. Very dry soil conditions and lack of rainfall following application may necessitate shallow cultivation. This product is noncorrosive to equipment, non-flammable and has low electrical conductivity.
 Following many years of continuous use of this product and chemically related products, biotypes of some of the weeds listed on this label have been reported which cannot be effectively controlled by this and related herbicides. Where this is known or suspected and weeds controlled by this product are expected to be present along with resistant biotypes, we recommend the use of this product in registered combinations or in sequence with other registered herbicides which are not triazines. If only resistant biotypes are expected to be present, use a registered herbicide which is not solely a Group 5 Herbicide. Consult with your State Agricultural Extension Service for specific recommendations.


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