Opensight Herbicide - 20 Ounces (Replaces Chaparrel)


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Opensight Herbicide - 20 Ounces (Replaces Chaparrel)

Opensight is a proven, cost-effective granule herbicide allowing vegetation managers a convenient solution for hard-to-control weed species, including herbaceous weeds, brush and grass species plus glyphosate resistant species. This unique pre-mix formulation of aminopyralid and metsulfuron methyl has low use rates and can be used up to the water’s edge. Opensight helps to increase productivity by providing broader season-long control with less effort through due to broad spectrum activity, a wide application window and soil residual properties.
Opensight controls weeds and woody plants primarily by post-emergent activity. Although Opensight has pre-emergence activity, best results are generally obtained when Opensight is applied to foliage after emergence or dormancy break. Generally, for the control of annual weeds, Opensight provides the best results when applied to young, actively growing weeds. For the control of perennial weeds, applications made at the bud/bloom stage or while the target weeds are in the fall rosette stage typically provide the best results.
Hay from grass treated with Opensight within the preceding 18-months can only be used on the farm or ranch where product is applied unless allowed by supplemental labeling.
  • Increases productivity with season-long control and application flexibility
  • Combines the proven performance of aminopyralid and metsulfuron in a convenient dry-granule formulation to provide broader control with less effort
  • Low use rates (1.5 to 3.3 ounces per acre)
  • Controls more than 150 key weed and brush species, including thistles, wild carrot, poison hemlock, goldenrods, dandelion, false dandelion, marestail, knapweeds, blackberry, black and honey locust, wisteria and tree-of-heaven
  • Can be applied up to the water’s edge of ponds, streams and seasonally dry wetlands
  • Excellent tank-mix partner for bareground treatments, and brush control programs
  • Soil residual offering season-long control of germinating and emerging seedlings of hard-to-control noxious weeds

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