Matrix SG Herbicide - 10 Ounces (Not sealed product)


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Matrix SG Herbicide (10 Ounces)

No seal on product. Only about 10 oz of product in bottle.

Matrix SG Herbicide delivers long soil residual control of mallow, marestail, fleabane, kochia and quackgrass with pre-emergence partial control of dandelion, lambsquarters, yellow nutsedge, prostrate pigweed and nightshade species. Matrix SG can be tank mixed with other labeled partners to add contact activity or broaden the weed control spectrum. When mixed with a burndown herbicide, Matrix SG improves the contact activity of the tank-mix partner on labeled species.

Matrix SG Herbicide is a water soluble granule formulation that selectively controls certain broadleaf weeds and grasses in pome fruit, citrus fruit, tree nut, stone fruit, and grape crops which have been established for at least one full growing season.
Matrix SG Herbicide also selectively controls certain broadleaf weeds and grasses in potatoes, potatoes grown for seed, and field grown tomatoes.

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