Isoxaben 75WG Herbicide - 1 Pound (Replaces Gallery 75DF)


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Model: 66222-218
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Isoxaben 75WG Herbicide - 1 Pound (Replaces Gallery)

Isoxaben 75WG is a great pre-emergent herbicide to control many broadleaf weeds including: chickweed, burweed, clover, henbit, mustard, purslane, ragweed, sowthistle, dandelion, spurge, and bindweed. 

Isoxaben 75 WG controls weeds germinating from seed. Isoxaben 75 WG does not control established weeds, or weeds growing from stolons, rhizomes, or root pieces.

Isoxaben 75WG can be used in:

  • Established Turfgrass
  • Non-Cropland
  • Northern and Southern grasses
  • Landscape Ornamentals
  • Ornamental Bulbs
  • Container-Grown Ornamentals
  • Non-Bearing Fruit and Nut Trees and
  • Field-Grown Ornamentals Non-Bearing Vineyards
  • Groundcovers/Perennials
  • Christmas Tree/Conifer Plantations