Belay Insecticide - 1.5 Gallons


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Belay Insecticide - 1.5 Gallons

Belay Insecticide is a third-generation neonicotinoid that will readily translocate for optimum insect control, offering long-lasting control of yield-robbing pests in more than 140 crops, including pome fruit, grapes, peaches, soybeans and many vegetables. Belay controls pests such as stink bugs, aphids, plant bugs, Colorado potato beetle, leafhoppers, pepper weevil and more.
  • Active ingredient is clothianidin, which has longer residual activity and less water solubility than others in the same chemical class.
  • Low water solubility translates to maximum absorption by the plant and less loss due to leaching.
  • It also has superior rainfastness and faster movement within the leaf's tissue.
  • Belay moves through the xylem of the plant when applied to soil.
  • Belay also has translaminar movement following a foliar spray.

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