Micro Sulf DF Sulfur Fungicide - 30 Pounds - OMRI Certified - Replaces Microthiol Disperss


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Micro Sulf DF Organic Sulfur Fungicide (30 pounds)

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OMRI Listed Organic Sulfur

Micro Sulf sulfur is used for controlling Powdery Mildew, Phomopsis, other diseases and mites on many agricultural crops. Micro Sulf DF is produced by a patented micronizing process that ensures uniform hyper-dispersible granules. This results in a superior dry flowable sulfur that can be measured more accurately and with virtually no dust. Micro Sulf goes into suspension quickly and completely providing more consistent coverage and greater surface contact compared to traditional sulfur products. Small particle size increases the number of contact points with the mycelium part of the fungus and in turn, increases the efficacy vs. standard wettable powder sulfur.

Why use Micro Sulf?

Micro Sulf DF is a dry flowable formulation made of finely ground sulfur particles.

How does weather affect Micro Sulf activity?

Sulfur activity increases with heat and light intensity. Conversely, activity decreases with high air movement because it disperses the sulfur vapors. The optimum temperatures for Micro Sulf DF activity are the same as that for development of Powdery Mildew. Mildew can germinate and infect at temperatures ranging from 45 to 95 Fahrenheit (F) with optimum fungal growth occurring between 72 and 85 F.