Poast Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons


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Poast Herbicide (2.5 Gallon Jug)

Please note Poast Plus has been discontinued. Poast is 1/3 stronger. We recommend using Clethodim 2E as a cheaper and better alternative. Search for it on our store.

Poast Herbicide is a post-emergent Grass control for Alfalfa, Clover, and many other related crops in the Deer Food Plot family.

We do NOT recommending tank mixing Butyrac 200 with this product. Significant crop damage could occur!

  • Rainfast Period: Poast is rainfast 1 hour after application.
  • Poast Herbicide is a selective, broad spectrum, post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds. Poast does not control sedges or broadleaf weeds. Essentially, all grass crops, such as sorghum, corn, small grains, and rice, as well as ornamental grasses, such as turf (except Creeping Red, Chewings, and Hard Fescue), are susceptible to Poast.
  • Mode of Action: Poast rapidly enters the target weed through its foliage and translocates throughout the plant. The effects range from slowing or stopping growth (generally within 2 days), to foliage reddening and leaf tip burn. Subsequently, foliage burn back may occur. These symptoms will generally be observed within 3 weeks depending on environmental conditions.
  • Crop Tolerance: All labeled crops are tolerant to Poast at all stages of growth.
  • Herbicide Resistance: Repeated use of Poast (or similar post-emergence grass herbicides with the same mode of action) may lead to the selection of naturally occurring biotypes with resistance to these products. If poor performance cannot be attributed to adverse weather conditions or improper application methods, a resistant biotype may be present. Consult your local representative or agricultural adviser for assistance.
  • Irrigation: In irrigated areas, it may be necessary to irrigate before treatment to ensure active weed growth.
  • Cultivation: DO NOT cultivate within 5 days before or 7 days after applying Poast. Cultivating 7 days or later

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