Assail 30SG Insecticide - 64 Ounces (4 Pounds)


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Assail SG Insecticide (4 Pounds)

Outstanding residual control: The systemic and translaminar action provided by Assail treats both the leaf surface and the underside.  It also delivers extended residual control that won't break down in sunlight. For example, Assail can give you up to three weeks of residual control on Colorado potato beetles.

Controls a broad range of pests: As a reduced risk product, Assail fits well in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. In apples, Assail controls a number of important pests including aphids, apple maggot, European sawfly, plum curculio, green fruit-worm and mullein bug. In blueberries, it controls key insects such as blueberry maggot, flea beetle and thrips. In grapes, it will control grape phylloxera, Japanese beetle and leafhoppers and give suppression on grape berry moth.

Vast assortment of crops: Assail, is registered for use on many crops, including: bush-berries, blueberries, cole crops, field peppers, field tomatoes, grapes, ground cherries, leafy brassica greens, leafy vegetables, pome fruits, potatoes, stone fruits, strawberries, sweet corn and tobacco.

The rate of application varies according to the crop, the insects targeted and the agronomic situation. Please see the Assail label for complete information. Always read and follow label directions.

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