Surmise Pro Weedkiller - 1 Gallon - Glyphosate free Roundup Replacement (Same AI as Liberty, Cheetah, Interline)


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Surmise Pro Weedkiller (1 Gallon) - Glyphosate free Roundup replacement


Total Vegetation Killer. Kills on contact.
Surmise Pro is a non-selective post emergent herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Surmise Pro has little or no soil residual activity. Visual results usually occure within 2 to 4 days under good growing conditions. Weeds that emerge after application will not be controlled.
Surmise Pro is classified as a group 10 herbicide (glutamine synthetase inhibitor).
  • More than 2X the strength of Finale® herbicide
  • Provides control of a wide variety of emerged annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Excellent tank mix partner with pre-emergent herbicides such as prodiamine, oryzalin and oxadiazon
  • Effective pre-plant treatment for turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses due to minimal soil residual
  • Reduced translocation enables ability to create and maintain clear boundaries around golf turf, sand traps, and athletic fields and accurate application areas around existing ornamentals in landscape beds
  • Excellent rotation herbicide for managing existing or developing resistance issues

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