Gly Star Plus - 1 Gallon (41% Glyphosate, generic Roundup, compare to Glyphosate 4 Plus, Credit 41 Extra)


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Gly Star Plus Herbicide - 1 Gallon Jug (41% Glyphosate with Surfactant, 4LB per gallon) 

Gly Star Plus is a post-emergent, systemic herbicide which contains 4 pounds per gallon of the active ingredient glyphosate, in the form of its potassium salt. It is generally non-selective and gives broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. It is formulated as a water-soluble liquid. It may be applied through most standard industrial or field-type sprayers after dilution and thorough mixing with water or other carriers according to label instructions.

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