Imazapyr 2SL 28% Herbicide - 1 Gallon (Ground Sterilizer - Replaces Arsenal & Arsenal Powerline, Polaris)


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Imazapyr 2SL 27.8% (1 Gallon) - Same Active ingredient as Arsenal



Imazapyr 2SL herbicide sterilizes the ground and nothing will grow for up to a year or more.

If there are weeds present, we recommend adding Glyphosate 4 Plus. Imazapyr is not a contact killer. It works through the ground, so it can take a while to kill existing weeds.

WARNING!! Do not spray close to shrubs or desirable plants. Keep double the dripline away from trees. Imazapyr 2SL herbicide has a tendency to spread. If you spray a 6 inch band, you may end up with a 12 - 18 inch band of bare ground.


Imazapyr 2SL is an aqueous solution intended to be mixed with water and surfactant for application to non-cropland areas such as railroad, utility, pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, non-irrigation ditchbanks, including grazed or hayed areas within these sites. Imazapyr 2SL is also recommended for the release of unimproved Bermuda grass and Bahia grass. It may also be used beneath certain paved surfaces. Additionally, Imazapyr 2SL may be used on grass pastures and rangeland, as well as for establishing and maintaining wildlife openings.
When applied either pre-emergence or post-emergence to weeds, Imazapyr 2SL will control most annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in addition to many brush and vine species. Imazapyr 2SL will provide residual control of labeled weeds which germinate in the treated areas. Post-emergence application with a surfactant is the method of choice in most situations, particularly for perennial weeds. For maximum affect, weeds should be growing vigorously at post-emergence application and the spray solution should include a surfactant (See ADJUVANT Section on label for recommendations). Imazapyr 2SL solutions may be broadcast by using ground or aerial equipment, or may be applied as a spot treatment by using low-volume techniques. In addition, Imazapyr 2SL may be used for stump and cut stem treatments.
Imazapyr 2SL controls vegetation by absorption through leaves, stems, and roots. Treated plants stop growing soon after treatment. Chlorosis (yellowing of plant tissue) first appears in the newest leaves and necrosis spreads from this point. In perennials, Imazapyr 2SL is translocated into and kills underground storage tissues to prevent regrowth. Chlorosis and tissue necrosis may not be apparent in some plant species until two weeks after application. Complete kill of plants may not occur for several weeks. Applications of Imazapyr 2SL are rain-fast one hour after treatment.
When applying Imazapyr 2SL as a tank mix, follow the more restrictive directions and restrictions on the labels for all products used. Do not tank mix Imazapyr 2SL with any product that prohibits such mixing.
Precautions for avoiding injury to non-target plants.
Imazapyr 2SL can occasionally affect non-target or untreated plants by root uptake of the herbicide. Injury or loss of non-target plants may result if Imazapyr 2SL is applied onto or near desirable plants, or to areas where their roots extend, or in areas where treated soil may be washed or moved within their drip line.