Equip Herbicide - 60 ounces


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Equip Herbicide - 60 ounces


Equip Corn Herbicide is a combination of two sulfonylurea herbicides. Equip Corn Herbicide is intended for application as a foliar spray in corn for the control of annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds. Weed growth ceases within hours after Equip Corn Herbicide is applied. Symptoms progress from yellowing to necrosis resulting in eventual plant death within 1-3 weeks after application.

Sulfonylurea herbicides have been associated with temporary yellowing or stunting. Corn quickly outgrows these effects and develops normally. Equip Corn Herbicide contains a safener which enhances the ability of corn to recover from any initial herbicide effects. Equip Corn Herbicide is for use on field corn and is NOT to be used on sweet corn or popcorn. Equip Corn Herbicide is not recommended for use on corn grown for seed (inbred). Equip Corn Herbicide can be used on all types of field corn, including high lysine, white and high oil corn. Injury arising from Equip Corn Herbicide due to hybrid sensitivity is the responsibility of the user. Follow seed company recommendation charts for hybrid sensitivity to sulfonylurea herbicides or ALS inhibitors.