Ecoguard Plus Insecticide - 16oz (Natural Pest Control/Chemical Free)


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[Ecoguard Plus]

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Ecoguard Plus - 16 Ounce


EcoGuard Plus is an all natural insecticide specially formulated for control of Ticks and Mosquitos. EcoGuard Plus kills labeled insects on contact and repels with a residual of about 30 days. The proprietary blend of essential oils and plant derived active ingredients ensures a safe and effective application. EcoGuard Plus kills in two ways, (1) by blocking neurotransmitter pathways of susceptible insects rendering them immobile and (2) interfering with the respiratory system of labeled insects. This dual mode of action, along with the long residual makes EcoGuard Plus a potent contact killer and repellent which kills and keeps insects away. These two modes of action, due to the differences in insect versus mammalian anatomy, are very effective at killing labeled insects, however, are totally harmless to all mammals, including humans and pets. Apply EcoGuard Plus to the base of the house, over landscape beds and shrubs, through the lawn and to the foliage of trees. Make sure to apply to the undersides of leaves and to the interior foliage of thick or large bushes. EcoGuard Plus can be applied with various types of application equipment, including mist blowers, compression or backpack sprayers and hose-end applicators.

  • An all natural insecticide specially formulated for control of Ticks and Mosquitos

  • 100% All Natural and Biodegradable, pet safe, kid safe and made from human grade materials

  • Kills labeled insects on contact and creates an ecologically safe repellency bubble around your home and landscape

  • EASY to measure and pour bottle, EASY to mix formulation, and EASY to apply by several application methods including mist blowers, hose end applicators and backpack sprayers

  • Knocks out harmful labeled insects but is safe for beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees, and lady bugs. Perfect product to apply before summer weekend events or parties.


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