Duo Stick Select - 1 Quart (Dual Action Aquatic Surfactant - Organosilicone Surfactants with Methylated Soybean Oils)


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[Duo Stick]

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Duo Stick Select - 1 Quart (Dual Action Aquatic Surfactant)


Use anytime a label calls for Methylated Seed Oil (MSO). Also a very high grade surfactant for use with any Herbicide or pesticide calling for a non-ionic surfactant. HLB Rating of 11

Duo Stick Select is a high-quality blend of organosilicone surfactants (OSS) and methylated soybean oils (MSO).
Duo Stick Select information:
•Designed for use with herbicides that calls for the use of an MSO and does not exclude the use of an OSS 
•OSS lowers the surface tension of spray solution droplets 
•Allows the droplet to spread on the target surfaces further faster 
•Increases area from which actives can be taken up by the plant 
•Increases the speed in which actives are available for uptake
•MSO is similar to the molecular structure of waxy plant surfaces 
•Allows the spray solution droplets to penetrate through the waxy cuticle 
•Carries pesticide actives to the plant interior where it can provide an effective kill

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