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Discus L Insecticide - 1 Gallon


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Discus L Insecticide - 1 Gallon

Discus L Insecticide is a great way to control Aphids, leafhoppers, leafminers, mealybugs, scale, strawberry root weevil, whiteflies, white grub larvae, and many other insects on virtually any plant material.  Discus L Insecticide gives up to 30 day control as a foliar application.

DISCUS L Insecticide is a systemic product and will be translocated upward into the plant system. To assure optimum effectiveness, the product must be placed where the growing portion of the target plant can absorb the active ingredient. The addition of a nitrogen containing fertilizer, where applicable, into the solution may enhance the uptake of the active ingredient. Application can be made by foliar application or soil applications; including soil injection, drenches, chemigation and broadcast sprays. When making soil applications to plants with woody stems, systemic activity will be delayed until the active ingredient is translocated throughout the plant. For this reason, applications should be made prior to anticipated pest infestation to achieve optimum levels of control.

Please see Label for specific information on what insects Discus L kills and what plants it is safe to spray on.

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