Clethodim or Cleanse 2E Herbicide - 1 Gallon (Replaces Dakota, Arrow 2EC)


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Clethodim 2E Herbicide (1 Gallon)  


PRODUCT SUGGESTION: We now carry Octivio (same AI as Raptor) in quarts and gallons. Octivio is a grass and broadleaf herbicide with superior broadleaf control and has some residual effect as well. Cost is less per acre than Clethodim and Butyrac 200 due to the low use rate and can be applied in one application instead of applying Clethodim and Butyrac separately. Overall Octivio is the best choice for grass and broadleaf control in clover, alfalfa and chickory.

 Clethodim 2E provides post-emergent Grass control in Alfalfa, Clover, Chickory, Peas, Beans and many other related crops in the Deer Food Plot family. Also labeled for many Vegetable crops

 Clethodim 2E is a selective post-emergence herbicide used to control annual and perennial grasses in a wide variety of broad leaf crops including soybeans, cotton, flax, peanuts, sunflowers, sugarbeets, potatoes, alfalfa and most vegetables. 

For broadleaf control use Butyrac 200 sprayed separately!See Butyrac 200 listing.

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