Chlorsulfuron 75 Herbicide - 16 Ounces (Replaces Telar XP)


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Chlorsulfuron 75 Herbicide - 16 Ounces (Replaces Telar XP)

Chlorsulfuron 75 Herbicide is recommended for the control of annual, biennial, and perennial weeds on private, public and military lands, on rights-of-way, industrial sites, non-crop areas, fencerows, ditch banks of dry drainage ditches, pasture, rangelands and Conversation Reserve Program lands, including grazed areas on these sites. Do not use on irrigation ditches. Chlorsulfuron 75 herbicide has long been valued for its ability to control noxious perennials and troublesome annual weeds. It delivers foliar control and lasting residual to dramatically reduce problem weed populations and improve forage quality in pastures and rangelands. Make Chlorsulfuron 75 your herbicide of choice.

Both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications of Chlorsulfuron 75 will control weeds although several factors (including use rate, weed growth stage at the time of application, and post-application weather conditions) will affect the range of weeds controlled and the length of residual activity. Annual weeds are best controlled from application of Chlorsulfuron 75 in the early stages of weed development. Perennial weeds are best controlled from application of Chlorsulfuron 75 when weeds are in the bud to bloom or fall rosette stage.