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Basis Herbicide (10 Ounces) Double the Strength of Basis Blend


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Basis Herbicide - 10 Ounces (Double the Strength of Basis Blend)

Basis Herbicide delivers dependable, broad-spectrum weed control in corn, even under cool, wet conditions. That can help you plant when you want to next spring in a cleaner warmer seedbed with a fall-applied strategy.
A fall-applied, post harvest Basis application prevents weed cover from forming, allowing soil to warm up faster in the spring. No-till and reduced-till fields are ready for earlier planting and conventional-till fields require fewer springtime tillage passes.
The use of burndown plus residual herbicides in the fall can prevent weeds from producing seed in the spring. Fall applied Basis controls winter annual weeds and keeps working to control later-emerging spring weeds so fields stay clean. Corn emerges faster with more uniformity in a warmer, cleaner seedbed. Timely planting delivers improved crop establishment and early growth.
Weed-free seedbeds are less attractive to damaging insects and less conducive to fungal disease development, creating the ideal environment for young crops to thrive.
  • Dependable, broad-spectrum weed control for corn
  • Post harvest application allows earlier planting
  • Residual activity keeps fields clean
  • Fewer weeds, fewer pests
  • Give your corn a head start with a better seedbed

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