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Altacor Insecticide - 16 Ounces


Price: $199.95

Model: 352-730
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Altacor Insecticide - 16 Ounces

Altacor insect control powered by Rynaxypyr provides reliable, consistent control of major pests in pome and stone fruit crops. When used early in the pest life cycle, Altacor prevents the build-up of pest populations to maximize yield potential.

High larvicidal efficacy and long-lasting activity provide excellent crop protection, even when circumstances prevent optimal application timing.
Altacor benefits:
  • Provides multi-stage control of codling moth, obliquebanded leafroller, oriental fruit moth, peach twig borer, and other biting and chewing insects
  • Insects stop feeding in minutes
  • Long-lasting protection
  • UV light stability
  • Rainfast when spray dries
  • Short re-entry interval
  • Short pre-harvest interval
  • Minimal impact on beneficial insects, including honey bees