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Rally 40WSP Fungicide (Old Nova) - 20 Ounces

Price: $76.95

Model: 62719-410
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Rally 40WSP Fungicide (20 Ounce bag) -Replaces Nova

Rally 40WSP Fungicide is a member of the sterol inhibitor (SI) class of fungicides. It controls a broad-spectrum of diseases, including powdery mildew, and is labeled for many perennial and annual crops.

Rally Fungicide Features:

  • Consistent performance on powdery mildew in high and low pressure situations
  • Highly systemic action. Studies prove that the active ingredient in Rally moves in the direction of new growth faster than other products
  • Systemic activity resists wash-off from rain or irrigation
  • Economical. Based on the price per acre of Rally and the price per day of control, Rally delivers outstanding return on investment
  • Short re-entry interval of 24 hours
  • Packaged in convenient water soluble packets, which represent a totally closed mixing system and require no additional personal protective equipment
  • Aerial label in many vegetable and row crops
  • Additional diseases controlled include brown rot, anthracnose, various rusts, shot-hole, leaf spot and leaf blight
  • Labeled for use in grapes, stone fruit, tomatoes, cucurbits, strawberries and other crops

Rally Fungicide Application Timing:

For powdery mildew, apply at the first sign of infection. While Rally does have some curative ability (i.e. reach-back), it should primarily be used as a protectant fungicide.

Proper resistance management for powdery mildew in grapes requires use of different classes of fungicides. Quintec fungicide (a quinoline) used in rotation with Rally fungicide (a sterol inhibitor) will help achieve this.

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