Lorox DF Herbicide - 20 Pounds


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Model: 61842-23
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Lorox DF Herbicide (20 Pounds)

Lorox DF is a pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide. It is a dry flowable herbicide to be readily mixed in water and sprayed for selective control of weeds in certain crops.
Lorox DF is a dispersible granule to be mixed in water and applied as a spray for selective control of weeds on certain crops and for non-selective weed control on non-cropland areas. Lorox DF is non-corrosive to equipment, non-flammable and non-volatile.
To control susceptible weed seedlings for an extended period of time, apply Lorox DF to soil before weed emergence. The degree of control and duration of effect will vary with the amount of chemical applied, soil texture, rainfall and other conditions. Higher dosages are needed for soils high in clay or organic matter. Soil low in clay or organic matter will require lower dosages to obtain equivalent herbicide performance. Since moisture is needed to activate Lorox DF, rainfall or irrigation is needed within 2 weeks of application. In the Columbia River Basin, use Lorox DF only if the crop is sprinkler-irrigated.
When using Lorox DF to control emerged weeds, best results are obtained on succulent weeds growing in temperatures of 70°F or higher with high humidity. Where recommended, addition of a surfactant to the spray increases contact effects of Lorox DF.
It is suggested that growers limit their first use to small areas as the effect of Lorox DF varies with soils, uniformity of application and environmental conditions. Follow all label directions on this and any product used in mixtures.